Economic trends in the EU
1. Food and drink industry output index increased
2. Evolution of main agricultural raw material prices
3. Price developments in the food supply chain: producer prices continued to peak above both consumer prices and overall inflation in Q3 of 2012
4. Slight decrease in employment index in the EU food and drink industry
5. Food and drink industry turnover index started to increase again
6. Confirming previous quarters’ trends, imported food prices continued to rise
Trade: Both imports and exports increased in Q3 of 2012 year-on-year
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1. Food and drink industry output index increased

After experiencing a decrease for the past two quarters, food and drink industry output (production) in the EU started to increase again in Q3 of 2012 compared to the previous quarter, i.e. by 0.51%. This is in line with the % increase experienced by the manufacturing production index in the same period (see the above section: Economic trends in the EU).

Q3 of 2012 represented a quarter of overall improved performance in terms of production at the Member State level. Exceptions to this trend include Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary and Scandinavian countries (Finland and Sweden) whose production index registered a marked decrease compared to previous quarter, that is -062%, -0.75%, -0.52%, -1.01% and -2.22% whereas Czech Republic (-0.60%) and Spain (-0.46%) remained on the same negative trend as previous quarter. The best performers include: Denmark (+3.40%) whose production index registered a marked increase after having experience negative growth for the past two quarters and Lithuania (+5.01%) which – after having registered negative growth in the past quarter, started again to increase at similar level then Q1 of 2012.

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