Economic trends in the EU
1. Food and drink industry output index increased
2. Evolution of main agricultural raw material prices
3. Price developments in the food supply chain: producer prices continued to peak above both consumer prices and overall inflation in Q3 of 2012
4. Slight decrease in employment index in the EU food and drink industry
5. Food and drink industry turnover index started to increase again
6. Confirming previous quarters’ trends, imported food prices continued to rise
Trade: Both imports and exports increased in Q3 of 2012 year-on-year
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At A Glance - Summary of Q3 highlights

EU food and drink industry performance during Q3 2012against major economic trends in the EU2



1Except for imports and exports data which represent evolution of the current quarter compared to the same quarter of the previous year, all other changes are represented with respect to the previous quarter of the same year.

2Unless otherwise specified, EU refers to the EU 27 in the text.

Please note that sources are listed at the end of each article. 

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